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Every day, new dating sites are born. Some specialized, others not. Some paid, some free. So in this huge choice of site, it is difficult to make the right choice. We have studied for you each specificity of the 4 best dating sites so that you can make the best choice among all these proposals.

Comparative table

Here is a comparative table that will allow you to better understand the differences between each dating site:

Top 5 Dating sites
Age range 18-75 years 18-55 years 18-40 years 18-60 years 18-60 years
Active membres 518.000 502.000 352.000 229.000 198.000
Men - Women 39% - 61% 51% - 49% 45% - 55% 65% - 35% 65% - 35%
Free registration
Try for free 30 mins 15 mins 15 mins
Suggestion of profiles
Search by criteria
Key points
Security High High Good Acceptable Acceptable
Ergonomics Very Good High Good Very Good Very Good
Customer Service Excellent Very Good Good Acceptable Acceptable
Operating mode Credit packs Credit packs EUR 88.90 / 2 months EUR 88.90 / 2 months EUR 88.90 / 2 months


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4 tips for choosing the dating site that best suits you:

  1. The first crucial step in choosing your dating site is to identify your desires to find a dating site that is close to them. Indeed, nothing is more important than what you are looking for, your goal dyears this step. It is for this reason that you must know what you are looking for and ask you the Goods questions. By turning to a dating site that fits you, it will help you find more easily people who looks like you and with whom you have common points.
  2. Second, be sure to choose a dating site that fits your age range. Indeed, if you are 65 years old but you register on a dating site that has a younger age group, it will be more difficult to find the soul mate, and vice versa. It is therefore important to look at the age range to which a dating site is addressed before registering.
  3. Choose a dating site that suits you perfectly. Find out about prices or prices, but also about the conditions of use to make the choice that best suits your needs. It is also important to feel comfortable with the interface of the dating site because it is here that you will exchange with your future partner. If you want to use a tablet to interact with your future partners, pay attention to the compatibility of the site on this support.
  4. Finally, do not hesitate to test the dating sites. However be careful not to multiply the profiles on the majority of the dating sites because this could be noticed by the users and frighten them. On the other hand, you can very well be registered on two or three different dating sites to give you more chances to meet the great love or passion. Good luck!