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What is Datinghookup.co.uk?

Datinghookup.co.uk is one of the largest dating sites in the UK. Many people registered here are looking for casual, non-judgemental dates and hook-ups, this has often been stated as “21st Century Dating”. Often they want something a little different to get out of the daily routine without major commitment, and that's why they want to look for a different type of adventures on this site. There are also many members who would like to maintain a double relationship and have open relationships with their partner for a sexual encounters. Since Datinghookup.co.uk is aimed at people who want relaxed adult fun with no pressure, reliability and discretion are very important. You can feel safe on Datinghookup.co.uk to start something new.

How does it work?

Registering on Datinghookup.co.uk is very simple thanks to its intuitive interactive system. The adventure starts very quickly on this naughty dating site - you only need a few extra clicks after completing the registration and creating your profile to jump straight into finding people who match your tastes! Don't forget to add some photos and your sexiest shots to attract the attention of other users! By first entering some basic information, such as profile name, an e-mail address and date of birth, etc... you will get an activation link to the e-mail address you have provided. After confirming the connection, you must enter your information on your profile. You must first say something more about yourself and make a brief description of yourself before you can continue. Try and be creative and stand out from the rest.

What is different from other dating websites?

Datinghookup.co.uk uses a GPS search function that can be further fine-tuned by adding additional information you are looking for. They have a "tried and tested" support team that answers all questions within 48 hours – this makes this site one of the adult dating that stands out to us. We deliberately tried to trip up the customer support team with complicated questions, and they passed all the tests with flying colours. In addition, the user friendly layout easily makes Datinghookup.co.uk appear in the top 3 sites we recommend when it comes to Adult Dating. With the wide variety of different people on the site, we are sure you can find the one for you in short order.

Customer service and security

Since Datinghookup.co.uk can focus on people who want to start an extramarital affair, or get involved in an open relationship with multiple people, you can be sure that security is in order. The privacy policy is one of the pillars of group trust. To guarantee your anonymity on the site, you can easily activate a setting on your profile to browse totally incognito. Datinghookup.co.uk, following a serious incident in the past on other sites (such as AshleyMadison), has significantly improved security to prevent such cyber-attacks on its dating site in the future.

Our opinion of Datinghookup.co.uk

After registration, you can quickly start looking for a “hookup”. An automatic pairing system is also used so that you can quickly create the right contacts. If you have found someone you are interested in with this system, you can immediately add them as a favourite, so you can quickly connect and see when they are online. After our team tested various options on the site, our team of experts came to the conclusion that Datinghookup.co.uk works very well compared to other similar websites that are currently out.

Rate overview:

  • Friendly and sexually open minded people who appeal to many kinks.
  • Varied and interesting profiles that appeal to a wide range of tastes.
  • The website appears on your bank statement as a different name, for increased discretion.
  • The payment of credits happens on a secure and verified page with a high level of security.
  • Top rated customer service who are very helpful, friendly and do not judge.

Member reviews:

“As I travel around a lot for work, this site was (and still is) amazing for meeting people for fun! What is good that I didn’t expect is how a lot of these meets turned into friendships. I still keep in contact with my new friends, even after they have left the site as they have met someone. Good work Datinghookup.co.uk!”

Leanne, 29

“I had a computer crash and all my password and login information that I saved on it was lost. I had several conversations arranging a meet up happening so I needed to get back on as soon as possible. Luckily the customer support were amazing and managed to sort everything out in less than a day! And yes, the meet up’s went very well ;-)”

Jason, 36

“I have a particular fetish that I know most people will find weird. Fortunately for me, due to the wide range of people and tastes on Datinghookup.co.uk, I managed to find someone who shares the same interest and even introduced me to a kink community all into the same thing.”

Melanie, 33

“Quick and easy. Sign up anonymously, put in my details, searched. Found a gorgeous man, chatted for a few hours… well… If you asked me a week before if I would be having some of the best sex in my life, I would have laughed at you. Highly recommended.”

Samantha, 41

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