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What is Lonelymatures.com?

Lonelymatures.com specialises in finding dates for mature women looking for younger men and vice versa. Age differences are no longer an issue with this site!

What is different from other dating sites?

Lonelymatures.com is not a traditional dating site; it’s a great place to meet people who seek the same things in terms of experience and age. Here young people can look for experience and maturity, as well as older users looking for new ideas and fresh energy.

Rate overview:

  • Surprisingly a large number of mature people for quite a niche dating site.
  • Whilst the search function can have some issues, it is very accurate compared to other dating sites.
  • The profiles are varied with people looking for both romance and fun.

Member reviews:

“I’ve always been attracted to younger men but struggled to find a suitable dating site. Lonelymatures.com enabled me to find men looking for women just like me! It’s been great for my self-confidence and I am loving it!”

Sandra, 59

“I haven’t dated many older women before, but it has always been something that interested me. I was sick of women my age and wanted a woman with more experience. On Lonelymatures.com I have met some amazing older women.”

Ed, 25

“Being with an older woman has already been on my bucket list - perhaps its their confidence. After a long search, I found my perfect partner. After chatting for a bit, we arranged to meet and no have this amazing woman in my life.”

Simon, 28

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