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What is RandyFlings.com?

Many of the people listed here on RandyFlings.com already have a stable and lasting relationship. Often they just want something a little different to get out of the daily routine - this site is one of the best ways to meet naughty people fast. There are also many members who would like to maintain a double relationship and do not hesitate to lie to their partner for a sexual encounter. Your relationship could be a victim of daily routine, what could be better than having another one on the side? Because RandyFlings.com is for people who want exactly what the name implies – a randy fling!

How does it work?

Registering on RandyFlings.com is very simple thanks to its interactive and intuitive system. The adventure begins very quickly on this dating site. Just a few clicks after finalising the registration and then creating your profile, you’re ready to go! That is the easy part done, the next part can be more difficult. Once you are in, we suggest you upload several of your best photos (more recent, the better) to get attention. Fill out your description (women are very put off by blank descriptions) and then using the search function, find someone who best fits what you are looking for.

What is different from other dating sites?

The chat function is simple and clear, meaning members can chat freely and undisturbed. In addition, unlike many other dating sites, the payments are all one-off and non-recurring. This means you only pay for what you want, and not a penny more. We do find that the price of the credits are a bit more expensive than on other sites, but when we asked about this, RandyFlings.com said this is to pay for extra security as the nature of the site has a lot of people looking for secret extra-marital affairs.

Customer service and security

Because RandyFlings.com focuses on people who want to start an extramarital relationship, you can be sure that safety is in order. The confidentiality policy is one of the pillars of the group's trust. To guarantee your anonymity on the site, RandyFlings.com has significantly improved security to prevent such cyberattacks on its dating site in the future.

Our opinion on RandyFlings.com

The GUI does not work well and can be cumbersome and slow, but once you understand how it works, the experience will most certainly be positive. The atmosphere of the site is informal. You can meet many people looking for fun and uninhibited dating as well as singles for secretive and erotic encounters!

Rate overview:

  • Website can be prone to a few bugs, but overall a very useable site with good chat functions.
  • The payments are secure and anonymous so it doesn't appear on your bank statement.
  • Wide range of profiles, but with more of a focus on the cities and not so much the rural areas.

Member reviews:

“I recently came out of a relationship and wasn’t looking for anything serious. RandyFlings.com allowed me to meet other people in the same situation and it’s been lots of fun!”

Jake, 38

“The wide range of members means there is always someone to have a fun chat with. I have connected with more people than I was expecting to and many women seem to be looking for similar things, which is great.”

Henry, 50

“I signed up to Get Naughty to find some fun from people outside of my social area. I had to go through a few frogs until I found my prince but it was well worth the wait!”

Jessica, 28

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